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The tacos here are to die for especially their homemade guacamole. You are going to rethink everything you know about the Mexican cuisine. You’d think that what you have tasted before was a joke because Tacos Perla brings their A game into fashioning dishes after dishes that are locally Mexican. What more is that, you can easily identify that the ingredients they use are all fresh because of the nice colors especially of the greens, and their crunch whenever you take a bite. This restaurant will keep your heart so that you have o choice but to come back for more.


I’ve never seen a Mexican restaurant as legitimate as Tacos Perla. I am not only talking about the food although those are included, the vibe itself is oozing with everything Mexican. You can simply feel it in the air. Even the music that is flowing throughout the whole restaurant is very Mexican. You won’t regret coming here especially when you get to taste their food. So, do not miss out on the delicious food they have to offer. Do not lag behind those people who have already experienced extreme satisfaction from the food they offer.


This restaurant is a gift. Without it, we won’t know what a real Mexican restaurant is. I specifically love their steak burrito and nachos. Their salsa is really delicious. What’s even better is that just recently, they already made salsa in a bottle for people to take to their homes. My family loves it so I have to order several bottles at once. They eat it as a pastime and they suddenly find so many types of food to pair it with such as pita bread, biscuits, and even regular food I cook. Their salsa simply fit for everything. I just wish, they can have more preserves I can take home.